Net packaging

When it comes to individually packaging vegetables and fruits like avocados, oranges, limes, and mandarins, choosing the right packaging method is crucial. It's about convenience during transportation, in the store and for the consumer.

Cost-effective and sturdy

Mesh packaging and nets provide a (cost)efficient solution for easy and secure packaging. Mesh packaging, also known as tube netting, is strong, soft, lightweight and takes up minimal extra space during transportation once the product is packed.

Optimal air circulation

The fine mesh of the net provides ample ventilation and prevents the fruit from being compressed, preserving the peel and the quality of the fruit. The risk of mold formation and spoilage is reduced, keeping the product fresh for a longer period.

Recyclable material

Mesh packaging is usually made from recyclable material, making them an environmentally friendly choice. They reduce the use of traditional plastic packaging and contribute to a more sustainable packaging solution for vegetables and fruits.

Choose mesh packaging for an efficient and cost-effective way to pack.

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