The Story of Trofi Pack

Trofi Pack was established in 2016 to meet the need for providing customers with complete solutions in the areas of cooling, ripening, packaging and distribution of various products, including exotic fruits, apples, grapes, and sweet potatoes. Today, Trofi Pack also handles quality control and, if desired, import and export documentation for air, sea, and road transportation.

Packing Exotic Fruits

Trofi Pack specializes in packaging a diverse range of exotic fruits, primarily including mangoes, avocados, physalis, passion fruits, limes, and pomegranates. During the winter months, grapes are sourced sequentially from Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, and Egypt.

Located in Den Hoorn, the company operates 25 packaging lines equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Packaging can be fully customized to meet customer preferences, complemented by product-specific stickers. The most commonly used packaging includes flowpack, topseal, and tube net, depending on the type of product. Based on customer requirements, fruits are ripened, stored for an extended period under the supervision of experienced ripening experts, or prepared for immediate transportation.

Customs Warehouse near Rotterdam Port and Schiphol

Trofi Pack is strategically situated along the A4 highway near Delft, providing convenient access to the Rotterdam port and Schiphol Airport, as well as close proximity to Den Haag, Amsterdam, and Utrecht. Facilitating sea freight, air freight, and road transport is a daily business for Trofi Pack. The facility includes a customs warehouse, and Trofi Pack is a recognized KCB inspection location, offering comprehensive customs and inspection services, including Stop & Go Crossdocking.

The Quality Control department conducts inspections in-house. The entire company is focused on ensuring maximum quality and safety. Trofi Pack is IFS and SKAL certified, meeting stringent requirements for food safety and hygiene.

The Process of Packing Exotic Fruits

The most exquisite fruits from around the world are cultivated, each with its own story, unique taste, and quality that must be preserved until consumption. After harvest, the product is transported via container or air freight to Trofi Pack.

Upon arrival at Trofi Pack, quality controls and inspections are performed. Fruits are cooled and, if desired, further ripened before being repackaged using one of the 25 packaging lines into the desired packaging.

After packaging, the products are ready for distribution to supermarkets. Trofi Pack can also play a role in this process, providing complete customer support. Hence, Trofi Pack is the ideal partner for the import, export, cooling, and packaging of exotic fruits.

Experienced Team of Experts in the Field

The combination of experience in the exotic fruit industry and Trofi's expertise in the grape market has proven to be a recipe for success. With a team of more than seventy permanent employees and a large group of flexible temporary workers, Trofi Pack has the experience and manpower to fully support its customers.

Company History

Trofi Pack was established in October 2016 to meet the demand for full-service solutions in packaging, inspection, and transportation. In just three years in De Lier, the company outgrew its space, rented the neighboring property, and in 2020, in collaboration with Van der Helm Logistics, built and moved into a new facility in Den Hoorn. With a total area of 40,000 m2, including 16,000 m2 for Trofi Pack with 3,000 pallet spaces in cold storage and 20 ripening rooms for 500 pallets, Trofi Pack now operates on 23,000 m2 of floor space, providing 5,000 pallet spaces, 24 cold storage cells, 25 ripening rooms for 550 pallets, and of course, the packaging area with 25 high-tech packaging machines.

The success formula? "Never say no and provide complete support. We do the impossible immediately; miracles take a bit longer!" says Harry van der Hout - Director

Partnership with Trofi

Trofi Pack has a close collaboration with Trofi - Tropenfruchtimport GmbH, founded in 1977, one of the first firms to introduce kiwifruit and exotic fruits to the European market. Today, Trofi provides import and distribution of grapes, exotic fruits, sweet potatoes, and onions from around the world for supermarkets, wholesalers, and foodservice throughout Europe. With an experienced team, in-house production partners, and a global network of growers, Trofi offers a comprehensive range of services.

Proud Sponsor of Sparta Rotterdam

Since 2018, Trofi Pack has been a proud sponsor of Eredivisie football club Sparta Rotterdam. As a company located near Rotterdam with Rotterdam roots, this sponsorship aligns with its identity. Furthermore, the growth and ambitions of both Sparta and Trofi Pack complement each other well. The achievements of the club from Spangen, also the oldest professional football club in the Netherlands, are closely followed, in good times and bad. Because a red-and-white heart lasts forever.

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