Top seal

Topsealing involves applying a transparent film directly to the top of the packaging, creating an airtight seal. This preserves the freshness and quality of fruits like mangoes, grapes, and avocados. Maintaining the freshness and quality of delicate fruits and vegetables can be a challenge, especially during transport and storage. Fortunately, topseal packaging offers an effective solution to retain the taste and texture of fruits, including mangoes, grapes and avocados.

Quality control during packaging

During the packaging with topseal, our trained colleagues conduct a manual quality check directly.

The benefits of topsealing

This advanced packaging method offers numerous advantages for fruit packaging. Firstly, it protects fruits from drying out, preventing them from losing their natural moisture and keeping them fresh for a longer period. Additionally, topseal prevents the exchange of gases between the fruits and the environment, slowing down ripening and extending shelf life.

Another advantage of topseal is the improved presentation of the fruit. The transparent film showcases the product well and is simultaneously hygienic. The airtight seal ensures that the fruit remains free from external contaminants and insects, guaranteeing quality and safety.

Extended shelf life and reduced waste

For growers, importers, and consumers alike, topseal is a good choice. Growers benefit from an extended shelf life of the fruit, reduced waste, and better brand presentation. In turn, consumers get fresher, high-quality fruit that stays fresh longer.

Topseal is a valuable tool in preserving the freshness, quality, and presentation of fruits such as mangoes, grapes, avocados and others.

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