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Flowpack in Any Size

Flowpack packaging has proven to be an efficient and practical way to pack and protect fruits during transportation and in the store. Flowpack packaging is highly flexible and can be tailored to the specific requirements of each fruit type, be it shape, size, or desired branding. When combined with Trofi Pack's packaging lines, flowpack offers many possibilities. Moreover, these packages can easily include information such as product details, barcodes and brand logos, crucial for efficient logistics and traceability.

Quality control during packaging

When repackaging from bulk to flowpack with smaller quantities, our trained workers conduct a manual quality check.

The benefits of fruit in flowpack 

Packaging fruit in flowpack comes with various advantages. Firstly, this method provides excellent protection against external influences such as bumps, light (depending on the color of the packaging), and moisture, preserving the quality and freshness of the fruit. Additionally, the transparent packaging allows consumers to see the fruit directly, enhancing attractiveness and marketability.

For consumers, flowpack offers the advantage of easy handling and maintaining fruit quality for a longer period. Fruit stays fresh longer, resulting in less waste.

Recyclable flowpack

When packing fruit, choosing sustainable solutions is crucial. Flowpack packaging can be made from recyclable film material, making it more environmentally friendly than non-recyclable plastic options, fitting into a circular economy.

Opt for flowpack packaging when packaging your limes, passion fruits, mangoes and avocados and benefit from an efficient, attractive and sustainable packaging solution.

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